With each leap, EFIRE Capital aspires to revolutionize business and lifestyle methods in MENA, Asia and more by catalyzing innovation and technology in every domain we touch and connect with We are on route to jumpstart Digital Transformation by cultivating digital intuition with clear ambitions and a zeal to learn from pioneers.

With strong values and conviction that drive our passion and zeal, we aim to bring unique solutions to our clients which extend beyond typical real estate offerings and usher in an era of digital transformation in each geography we operate in What makes us unique is our ability to conceptualize, architect and implement new and expanded solutions which extend beyond tradition real estate products and allow our clients to transform legacy business models and take innovation to the next level

Our leadership has a strong resolve and dynamism which allows us to continuously evolve with innovation itself and it is therefore we consider achievements as mere checkpoints in the journey we have set out to and not the end or closure itself Given the enormous opportunities present within our business domain, we have committed to hard work and investment in new solutions and acquisitions, continuing and modular capability enhancement, and team learning, to ensure that EFIRE is securely placed to help clients explore the innovation opportunities, and the limits of their reach, to deliver successfully their promises in the new digital business era.

We seek to be an enabler and fusion zone with complete ecosystem that supports large global enterprises as well as start ups and assist them in optimization of operations, cost management and progressive innovation research

Dato Dr. Mohd Abdul Karim Abdullah


Dato Dr. IR. TS. Mohd Abdul Karim Abdullah Innovation HUB Block 7